Marni M. Graff (M.K. Graff) writes award winning murder and mayhem stories set in England. 

Death in the Orchard

Death in the Orchard

The third Trudy Genova mystery from award-winning author M. K. Graff brings Trudy home.

Nurse Trudy Genova’s vacation finds her traveling from her New York City studio consulting job to her small hometown of Schoharie, three hours north. Accompanying Trudy is her boyfriend, NYPD detective Ned O’Malley, primed to meet her family, but with a secret mission in mind: Trudy has asked him to help her find out what really happened when her father died eleven years ago.

Everyone assumed Mario Genova’s death was a tragic accident, but Trudy has always believed there was something suspicious about her beloved father acting out of character the day before he died. After years of hard work building a successful apple orchard business with her mother, Mario cleaned out their bank accounts. No reason—and no money—was ever found.

As Trudy and Ned try to investigate without informing her family of their actions, a new death occurs on Genova Orchards property, and once again Trudy’s family is under scrutiny

Praise for Death in the Orchard

A masterclass in laying the threads bare and knitting them together in a satisfying conclusion.” Mandy Morton, Author of The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency series.

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