Marni M. Graff (M.K. Graff) writes award winning murder and mayhem stories set in England. 

The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries

The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries

The first Trudy Genova Manhattan Mystery, DEATH UNSCRIPTED, is based on Graff’s real-life work as a medical consultant for a New York movie studio. Trudy has that job, too, but in her case, murder follows. This is the book P. D. James insisted Graff write and is dedicated to her. The book was named a finalist for the IAN Awards and was shortlisted as Best Mystery from Chanticleer Media.

Book 2 in that series, DEATH AT THE DAKOTAdebuted in 2019 and also made the shortlist for Chanticleer’s Mystery and Mayhem award. In progress is the third Trudy Genova, DEATH IN THE ORCHARD, slated at this time for publication in April 2024. Actress/director Lucinda Gainey narrates both Trudys on Audible, and these are also on Kindle.

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